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Parma Florist Max Polyakov

Florist Max Polyakov was born and bred in the city of Parma, Italy. He was the last of the 3 boys that his parents gave birth to. They included Antonio the firstborn child, Carlo the second, and then Max. He was born into a very strong Christian family, with the father and mother being very strong practicing Catholics. Of course, this was expected of them since they were Italians. The Catholic culture is very strong in their area. Therefore, many parents around here normally prefer to send their kids to the Catholic seminaries around to help them learn morals and Christian virtues that help them in life. In the course of this, many of them fall in love with the Catholic religious vocation and go ahead to become priests or religious men and women.

Max Polyakov’s Childhood and Inspiration at the city of Parma

Parma is one of the cities in the northern part of Italy. This city is located in the Emilia-Romagna region and some of the major attributes of the city are the music, art, architecture, ham, cheese, and the adjoining countryside. This city among other things houses one of the world’s oldest universities named the University of Parma. Parma indeed is a very beautiful city. The fact that the inhabitants are concerned about their surroundings makes it one of the cities with the best environment. The houses have wonderfully trimmed flowers in front of them, the landscaping and gardening are all top-notch. The residents of the city will always have one or two of these things as their areas of interest.

When Max Polyakov was of secondary school age, his parents, Maurizio and Ann Polyakov, enlisted him into the nearby Catholic seminary named St. Mary’s Seminary. Here he was supposed to concentrate on passing those subjects that would lead him towards becoming a lawyer and also learn the foundations of the Catholic faith. But that was not to be because it did not take Max Polyakov long to discover that he had no interest in long arguments and quoting of law books and decrees. Max was attracted to the living things around him and he had a special love for plants and shrubs growing in their garden.

Maurizio Polyakov was an ardent supporter of the local Parma Calcio football club, just like many other people who live in the city. So, every weekend, the kids including Max Polyakov would be ready for their father to come in and shout, “Hey you boys, get dressed, we are going to see a game of football by Parma! They are playing at home today!” Max loved these weekend outings because it normally gave him time to look through the perfect organization and trimming given to flowers across the city while they drove to the stadium. He lived in the school as a student (of course, every student lived on the school premises). So, apart from the few flowers in the school compound, he did not get to see more. So, he reveled in this long drive to the stadium as it presented this opportunity to him.

But this was not the nicest thing about being home every weekend and escaping the boring life of the school dormitory. The best yet was the fact that Max Polyakov got to watch the Parma players train on Friday evenings when he came back. He also attended their training on Saturday mornings when their games fell on Sundays. But there was something very significant about this which his parents and brothers would never understand. They have been wondering why Max Polyakov enjoyed watching the team train in noncompetitive warm-ups more than watching the competitive matches that came with lots of emotions and action. The fact remains that it was neither the football, nor the players, nor the spectators, nor the fun that took Max to the training session every weekend when he came back from school. The training ground was designed in a way that it was in an open ground involving 3 different pitches or fields. One belonged to the first team; the other belonged to the academy while the women’s team trained on the third. All three were demarcated by flowers of different types and colors, and Max could just stare at them and enjoy their color, trim, and scent all through whenever he went there. It was this atmosphere that heightened his love for flowers and what could be achieved with them. He was now considering spending his life taking care of these flowers.

Florist Max Polyakov and the University Education

Max Polyakov was 13. He was about to enter the senior secondary school, and so, he had to choose where to major. While his parents were pushing him into law so he could be a lawyer, he was getting more inclined to the sciences, especially biology. The interest started growing after they had a lecture on plant and flower species and their names and functions. After the lecture, he asked Caesar, his good friend, whether it was possible to choose looking after flowers as a career and if he could make a living out of it. Caesar referred Max Polyakov to his uncle who was a florist in Rome. They spoke on the phone for some minutes, and he explained to Max how fulfilling and lucrative the business could be and promised to guide him through it all.

However, when Max Polyakov relayed the information to his parents, they told him that he wouldn’t be going to Caesar uncle’s place to learn how to be a florist after graduating from the secondary school. They told him that he would be learning plant science with the concentration in flower keeping in the university. This tripled the love he had for his parents and he decided to put everything in it so as to come out with the best results.

Max Polyakov enrolled into the University of Parma after his secondary school education and there, he studied Plant Sciences with the concentration in horticulture. After 3 years of rigorous academic and research work, he came out with the 2nd class upper division result and the degree was conferred on him. For Max Polyakov, it was now time to thrill the world with amazing flower culture. But he also realized that he would need more practical and hands-on experience before he established his own flower company. Because of this, he still had to do a few weeks of internship at Caesar uncle’s flower establishment. Through the 4 weeks that it lasted, he was grilled on how to soil his hands to get the plants to grow and look fresh, the business aspect of it and how to take care of them in terms of sickness. However, he was always bringing in the theories they were taught in school instead of giving preference to the lectures he was getting from Mr. Jack based on his years of experience. Jack thanked God he didn’t study the course in the university. He believed that some of the theories were just far from reality. The ones that involved the issues he witnessed and solved every day to remain in business were not mentioned much.

Max Polyakov Establishes His Own Online and Offline Outlet

Before Max Polyakov left Mr. Jack’s tutelage, he had already known that he would go digital once he was established. As a technology savvy young chap, he understood that he could achieve more through digital marketing than he could ever achieve through offline marketing. He believed he would reach more people than he could ever reach in his small company in Parma. He was aiming to give the information he had to the world, and going online was the best way to do this. So while still with Mr. Jack, he opened a blog that talked about flowers and plants only. While on this, he was also writing articles and posting them on other flower online platforms.

When he left Mr. Jack’s establishment and opened his own outlet, he came to realize that he would need a wider online presence. Because of this, he needed some professional lectures on the best way to make posts viral and reach out to more people. This led him to a course in digital marketing.

During that period, Max Polyakov learned the best way to write blogs and get them to the desired audience. The studied areas included content development where he learned about keyword research and usage, titles and description tags, linking and backlinking, hooks, calls to action and other SEO practices. 6 months after the training, Max Polyakov had a followership of more than 5 million people on his blog, and they read and shared whatever he posted about flowers there.

The good thing though was that he also got a Google AdSense account on the blog and Google started paying him according to likes, visits, and other traffic actions on the blog. He was making money from it and also from the offline flower business. In the blog, Max regularly doles out ideas on how to choose the best flowers, how best to handle them, color preferences, positioning, taking care of flowers, and other things. He also made it a forum to encourage future florists. He does the later with stories about the nitty-gritty of the job, his motivation, and what he gains from it emotionally and financially.

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Max Polyakov’s Most Loved Lectures

Max Polyakov normally gives special flower lessons on Saturday afternoons by 4 pm. This became so popular that many people waited to read what he would write. It is normally a live blogging session where he chooses a topic and discusses it in snippets, allowing the readers to make comments and ask questions, which he takes time to answer. So far, the two most popular of those lectures and the ones that garnered more attention are the lecture on starting up a flower business and the benefits of running one.

buckets by Florist Max Polyakov

On starting the business, Max Polyakov talked about making sure you have a plan before you start. This will include the tools and equipment needed, cost, delivery system, workforce, etc. He even advises that if you can’t draft this implementable plan by yourself, you can hire a professional or ask a friend to help you. Max Polyakov also spoke extensively about the need to have a business name that rings a bell and a blog address that captivates and matches what you are doing with the blog. The brand name is something that many people will like to associate with if it is sweet, significant and is something they can easily relate to. The next should be to take care of legal issues. Here, he posits that while the well managed sole proprietorship is very good and has blessed him, the limited liability and partnership systems have more potential for growth. The next important thing to him is the insurance policies. You should get the basic coverage if you want to do this.

On the benefits of being a florist, Max Polyakov has a lot to voice. He started the lecture of that day with the fact that the air is made pure by the flowers. All the plants in the flora kingdom help to detoxify the air we breathe. Those placed indoors absorb all the gases that are toxic in our homes, making the environment healthier for anyone to stay in. So the health of the florist who stays with these flowers is always enhanced. He also talked about the therapeutic nature of flowers. They heal people psychologically, especially those going through depression, stress, and anxiety. Also, the moisture that flowers release into the atmospheres helps to protect our skin from becoming too dry. One of the best flowers for this is lavender. Some of them are mind boosters according to Max while others will make you feel calm.

So, growing from strength to strength, florist Max Polyakov became very popular and rich in the flower business while teaching people how to do same.