Florist Max Polyakov from Parma

Max Polyakov and His Love for Dogs

Max Polyakov and His Love for Dogs

Everyone knows Max Polyakov, or at least every florist in his domain does. He is undeniably one of the most successful florists around at the moment. Even more, he is one of the best teachers anyone can have when running or starting out with their own flower outlet. Max lectures and blogs have become a major source of motivation for both practicing florists and future ones. But outside the garden and classroom, Max makes his followers melt even more with his rare show of kindness towards pets, especially dogs.

Besides his achievements in business, Polyakov has been a major advocate for domesticated animals and a huge admirer of dogs. In the next few paragraphs, let’s quickly take a peep at Max’s favorite pets, and while doing that, we will also see some of the efforts he has made towards saving other pups.

But before we delve into all that, it’s a good time to do a little background check on who Max Polyakov is in case there’s someone who doesn’t know about him.

A little talk about the Man in the Limelight, Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov has such a great portfolio that we will probably want to pay more attention beyond his achievements as a florist. He hasn’t only “done” it, but has also set a model that aspiring florists can follow to record the same success.

Right from childhood, Max has always been a lover of flowers and pets. So it didn’t come as a surprise when he decided to pursue Plant Science at the university. Most of his works were mostly focused on horticulture, and even when he graduated he decided to work for a flower company, where he got some hands-on experience oh how things were actually done outside the classroom.

Max’s ambition was always to have his own flower establishment; every step he took was in the direction of that plan. To cut the long story short, Max Polyakov went on to become of the most successful florist the industry has ever known, and it seems to just get better every year.

What about his love for pets?

While most people know about Max’s amazing flower culture, there are some who are blown by his show of love for pets, especially dogs. And it is this compassion that has made him a major advocate for his flurry friends.

Just recently, Max Polyakov made a special donation to a popular kennel in Parma which was going to be shut down because they ran out of funds. It is interesting to know that there were over a hundred pups in this kernel.

Thankfully, Max Polyakov was able to intervene through a kind gesture that stopped the place from being shut down.

“Max’s gesture shows just how much he cares about these little pups”, said Mary Yakov, the kennel operator. “We are grateful for what he did.”

Even while studying for his degree, Max Polyakov has always dreamed about having a pup around but couldn’t because it just didn’t possible. Although back home, he had a great relationship with the family dog, Lola; it was really difficult to go through school without such companionship.

Thankfully, it’s a different story today, as Max Polyakov now owns a Labrador named Municca who he fancies taking selfies with on the weekends. The dog dates back to when he met his first girlfriend, Veronica Conte.

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