Florist Max Polyakov from Parma

Max Polyakov: His Passion for Flowers and Blogging

Parma Florist Max Polyakov

At senior high school, Max Polyakov was interested in sciences though his parents wanted him to do law. His love for sciences, mostly biology grew after he learned about flowers in a certain lesson. Max even went ahead and got advice from a professional florist on whether a flower business was enough to make a good living. One of his friends referred Polyakov to his relative who advised the boy and agreed to assist him all through.

Max Polyakov and His Passion for Plants

After high school, Max Polyakov joined Parma University where he learned Plant Science and specialized in Horticulture. He graduated with good grades after three years and started gaining practical experience that would enable him to start his own business.

His friend’s uncle who had agreed to assist him had a flower business and that was where Max Polyakov did his internship. During the apprenticeship, he learned how to make plants grow perfectly, how to maintain them healthy and blossoming and how to run this kind of business.

Before completing his internship, Max Polyakov knew he would start an online business once he had all that was required. Max was a savvy person, so he was confident that he would achieve a lot through marketing online compared to doing it offline. So, he started a blog where he wrote about plants and flowers. While writing blogs, Max additionally wrote articles which he posted on various online platforms.

After his internship, Max Polyakov opened an outlet though, the young man felt he needed a bigger online presence. So, Max chose to take an online advertising course where he learned how to make his posts viral and attract lots of readers to his blog. He also learned content development and various SEO actions. After six months of learning, he had five million fans following his blog.

Polyakov also had a Google AdSense account on the blog. So, he could get money from Google as per visits, likes and other actions.

Max Polyakov started giving lectures every Saturday afternoon. This became very popular and many people impatiently waited for his posts. It used to be a live blog where he discussed something and let people leave comments and ask questions. The lecture in which he discussed the ways of setting up a flower business and the advantages of having it became one of his most popular.

Eventually, Max Polyakov was so popular and wealthy in his flower business. He also went on teaching others how they could become successful like him.

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